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Vegetarian Thali

One Cuisine Many Stories

That Indian Place brings the beginnings of India’s food history  which was built around the Hindu philosophy. Today India has 28 states and 8 union territories and most of them have their own cuisine. And like any culture, each one has a distinct flavor attached to their cuisine. This versatility was brought by cultural changes that was influenced by Mughals and European colonization yet preserving the traditional cooking methods including preparation of food from scratch.


India's East

Another influence of Mughals is seen in the popular rice dish biryani. They brought the concept of gravy that gives richness to the dish it is added to. Biryani is cooked using 'dum' method, where pot is sealed with dough that retain steam and flavors.

Chicken Tikka Masala_edited.png

India's North

This region loves roti and the gift of Mughul's, the naan bread and Butter chicken is another lavish dish  inspired by Mughul cuisine using nuts.

Dairy is staple to this region. Yogurt based drink, lassi, is very popular. Be it sweet or spicy, young and old both enjoy it. 


India's Coast

Thinking of coastline, brings the seafood and coconut in mind. That's what  India offer too.

Cooked with coconut, fish and prawn dishes leave a lingering taste. However in addition to seafood, cooking with vegetables and making yummy desserts are a bonus.

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