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Tunnel of Trees,Koloa
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It All Began In Poipu! 

Our journey started in 1998, when relocated from the mainland for a job on the beautiful island of Kauai. We were just settling-in, meeting people and making new friends when we heard about the Koloa Plantation days and the block party at the Sheraton Kauai, a fun evening with various food vendors and music. 


Having interest in Indian cooking, we approached the organizing committee for a stall to share our Indian cuisine but were met with skepticism. On our insistence, we were given a booth all the way at the end of the road. Along with our new friends in Kauai we served the staples of Indian cooking - Chicken Curry, Chana Masala, Cauliflower & Potatoes, Rice, and Naan. Everything was loved by Kauai residents, to our astonishment, we were sold out within 2 hours of opening!…A BIG success….


For the next five years, we setup stalls for Charity Walk and other events, funds raised from them were donated.


We had to bid farewell to Kauai and took our passion for Indian cooking back to the mainland and eventually New Zealand (NZ). In the small town of Whitianga, a similar opportunity came along. We participated in fund raiser with the community to raise money for a local charity to purchase an X-Ray machine, which the town lacked. 


The success and insistence by the locals, a stall at a fundraiser turned into an Indian take-out that transformed into a full-service restaurant! ‘That Curry Place’, received accolades and a tremendous following worldwide through New Zealand’s strong tourism.


After packing up and moving back to US earlier this year, it felt as Kauai was calling us back home. Whitianga was beautiful but the Aloha, love of the people from 17 years ago in Kauai was still intact. We felt as if we had never left this island… Can you guess what happened next? We came back! Call it coincidence or destiny but a place in Poipu Shopping Village became available for ‘That Indian Place’.


We feel so blessed to be back with the wonderful people of Kauai and look forward to being on the island for many years.

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