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herbs and spices

For centuries herbs and spices have been an essential ingredient in culinary culture  both fresh and dried, and used as whole, powdered, or crushed form to add to the aroma, flavor and alive the taste buds. In India 'Grandmas' have intelligently used it for its medicinal values. Each and every spice is added at right temperature to make food not only palatable but for the ease of digestion and get all the goodness these wonderful ingredients have to offer. 

Grandma's 'Masala box'



aka Haldi

The root of the plant does more than giving that bright yellow color. It is known for its

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Clotting agent for common cuts.

  • Antioxidants

  • May cure cancer and dementia 

Star Anis.jpeg.png

Star Anis

aka Chakar Phool

This star like spice is less known for its medicinal properties.

  • When inhaled helps  to treat respiratory tract,

  • Improve digestion & stomach sicknesses.

  • Helps to energizing  vital organs of human body.

Curry Leaves.jpeg

Curry Leaves

aka Kadi Patta

Apart from providing a distinct flavor to food  it is known for  

  • Reducing diabetic, cholesterol  ulcer  and diarrhoea

  • Strengthen bones, helps in osteoporosis

  • May benefit during radio and chemotherapies

Bay leaves.JPEG

Bay leaves are used both dry leaves aswell as fresh. The dry leaves are crushed before they are added to cooking. They 

  • Keep bacterias away

  • Stimulate  digestion.

  • May contains small amounts of supplements

Bay Leaves 

aka Tej Patta


Apart from bringing back the memory of grand ma’skitchen it has more than that:

  • Keep optimum level of insulin 

  • Builds nerve health in lowering the chances of Alzheimer’s & Parkinson disease.


aka Dalchini


Traditional medicine use fennel in the treatment of

  • Eliminate bloating gas, heartburn 

  • Increase milk production in lactation 

  • An excellent mouth freshener secretion of saliva cleans bacteria

Fennel Seeds

aka Saunf


This 'Queen of spices' is known for its therapeutic benefits.

  • Green Cardamom helps airflow to the lungs

  • Black cardamom is used to treat  liver,  gastrointestinal, disorders

  • Reduces inflammation in  joints and reduces Pain

  • pain. 

Green & Black Cardamom

aka Chhoti & Badi Elaichi



aka Jeera

Cumin can be used either as whole seeds or ground, raw or dry-roasted. 

  • Cure constipation and  bloating. bronchitis and asthma.

  • Boost  immune system 

  • An excellent source of iron

  • Regulate sleep pattern


These tiny  little unopened flower buds are known for

  • They have analgesic properties in dental treatment,

  • They have antioxidant properties 

  • They are antiperspirant

  • Has antiseptic properties 


aka Laung


Mustard Seeds

aka Rai

By adding a nutty and peppery taste these tiny seeds are

  • Rich source of magnesium

  • Helps in migraine attacks

  • Improves bone density.

  • Relieves tummy cramps.

  • May cure fungal infection. cleansing agent removes toxins from human body. 


Fenugreek Seeds

Aka Methi Dana

Fenugreek seeds have been used in Indian medicine for a long time now.  It is known to

  • May help in varicose veins 

  • May maintain cholesterol level. 

  • May sufficiently reduce the glucose level and bring overall reduction in  body weight

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